Saltwater & Co.


Saltwater and Co.


“Come, taste and see that the Lord is good”

Psalm 34:8

Saltwater and Co.

Mission Statement

“The mission of Saltwater and Co. is to reveal creativity, purpose, humility, grace

and a passion for Christ through

a simple country life


Because I am from the islands and because of my passion for the ocean, Saltwater & Co. was conceptualized in 2000 with a vision to promote the ocean’s magnificent combination of natural treasures coupled with the beauty of my homeland and it’s 700 captivating and beautiful islands of the Bahamas.

Saltwater & Co. is my journey to be intentional about creativity, teaching what I love and relaying the character of Christ through the ocean, crafting, photography, writing, and anything edible. Saltwater & Co. is also committed to encouraging you to find creative ways to have oddles of fun in the kitchen and craft room whilst making memories all year long.

I spent most of my childhood and young adult years fishing, diving, swimming and boating with my family in the Bahamas. My father, a man of God, a builder by trade, a sport fisherman/boater & a man with a great love and respect for the sea. He taught us how to navigate the ocean by the stars, how to eat fresh from it’s bounty & how to remain calm in the roughest of seas. I explored the islands with my family summer after summer, eating fresh from the ocean’s delicacies and feasting on summer fruits and vegetables picked from the trees of remote islands where we anchored. As my father would bring our boat to a slow halt and we would immediately hurl ourselves off the boats edge into the cool magnetic water of the Bahamian archipelago surfacing with treasures from the ocean floor and the sun shining brightly on our faces.


Oh, how I loved the ocean and it’s ability to soothe and engulf you in a trans-like state of constant happiness. An hour of beach-combing, or strolling on soft sugar sand with the sun at my back, the endless blue horizon melting before me and pockets full of glorious treasure is what I love the most. After a long weekend of playing in, under and on the ocean, sun kissed & salt covered skin, arriving back at our home with our mother waiting to cook and prepare our weekends catch. We would have a traditional island meal of boiled grouper (spice & lime drenched), peas & grits, vine ripened sliced tomatoes, avocados or perhaps baked snappers with peas and rice, combination salad and fried plantains from our back yard fruit trees. Another favorite was, fried yellow tails with fresh salad and home-made coconut or raisin bread. Topping it all off with a dessert of big ripe, juicy mangoes or pineapples purchased from a local fruit vendor on one of the islands that we may have stopped at.

A weekend to behold….full of adventure and the savorings of the freshest, sweetest and most delicious foods on earth.

Thank you Pa for showing us what true happiness really means and Ma, for putting up with our sandy feet, constant chatterings, and “hungry 24/7 selves”. You were the BEST parents anyone could ever ask for, and I miss you more than words can express. These memories will forever be alive in my heart and in my mind and my only prayer is that my little family will be able to duplicate but a small portion of happiness that I experience as a girl living in the islands…….

With a glass of icy coconut water raised high, Thank you Ma & Pa for giving me the knowledge of Christ, the experience, the up bringing, and the opportunity to be inspired by anything ocean and that my BEAUTIES is true reason why Saltwater & Co. was created!

Created to be His,



Saltwater & Co.~ Inspired by the sea

est. 2000

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