Home school Mom’s Prayer


  ~ it’s easy to sometimes get distracted and some days i just get plain weary on the homeschooling path.

That’s why I pray  a lot and often throughout our days for God’s perfect direction and super natural strength. 



Dear Lord,
May I teach them what You want them to know. Lord, let me remember my job is to point them to You, and not to this worlds. Lord, let me remember my job is to point them to You, and not to this world. Help me to guide them on the path that leads to You.
Give me the strength when I feel I have none…. When I don’t feel like it…let me do it anyway. When I am tired…give me your divine energy to press on.

When I want to put myself first….
Let me remember You words that I may be humble.
Let me do this for Your glory, and not mine.
Lord, show me each day the path we should take.
When I get off course, thank You for Your mercy in bringing me back.
Let me remember these children are Yours, and You love them even more than I do.
Let me be thankful for the gift of spending each day with them. Let me remember it will go by in the blink of an eye.
The complaining isn’t forever, the noise isn’t forever, this isn’t forever…
But You are.

And that is my goal. That we may spend eternity in Your presence. Let this home school glorify You, show You to those around us, and please You. Let me not get caught up in doing things the world’s way…but Your way. Let me not be distracted with the noise of the world, but Your Word is more important. May I see my children as the blessing they are that You crated. Each unique and special with a purpose to fulfill. May I remember how blessed I am to be a home school Mom.

~ Amen

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