Easter Island Style


Handmade encrusted seashell Easter basket

Baking off Easter Bunny Cookies & hot cross buns and dyeing Easter Eggs….so fun!I love Easter and all it stands for. This week has been very busy with all that happens during Easter. Went to a foot washing ceremony this week, Yesterday I went to a fish fry cuz it was good Friday & then to a Passover Seder, Beautiful & awe inspiring. Went to an Easter egg hunt this morning at church with story time, music and salvation Easter egg hunt. We are going to our Easter Production at church tonight. I think Easter has to be one of my favorite holidays of all time.

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The Legend of the Three Trees – Island Style

The Legend of the Three Trees island style  One of our VERY favorite Easter Stories!!!!

 Our little 6 year old & I made a boat from seashells, a cross from seashells and a manger from seashells. Three young trees have big dreams for their future. The olive tree wanted to be a treasure chest, the oak tree hopes to be a mighty ship, and the pine tree only wants to stay on the mountain and point others to God. But all three trees are in for a surprise – because God has a much different, much better plan in store for them. In this classic story, discover how sometimes the dreams we have for ourselves are much smaller than the dreams God has for us. By Dahl Taylor


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